Do you have a full curriculum?

We cover the same curriculum as all state schools, with the addition of LOTE. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy which pays dividends with our excellent NAPLAN data.

Do you have the necessary facilities?

Glen Park is very well resourced. We have a Mod 5 double teaching space, an exceptional library that is second to none, iPads, school oval, kitchen, modern furniture  ...

Will they be ready for secondary school?

Our small numbers ensure that every single student is provided with an individually-tailored education. Our students are well-prepared to progress to secondary schools.

In a Nutshell

At Glen Park we believe in giving every child the chance to learn unhindered by large class sizes, distractions, bullying, strict timetables or procedures.

Children are given the opportunity to thrive and to learn for learning's sake, as well as learning the prescribed curriculum.

Every child will seek the right path for their learning at a pace that suits them with guidance and support from their teachers.

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Where is Glen Park Primary School ?

We're closer than you think

In in 70s, many of our students rode horses to school. Today they either walk or travel the few kilometres from their homes to our school in Ralstons Road.


The local primary school is Glen Park's best kept secret

We only take 13 students at any one time. Our places fill up quickly and there is not always the opportunity to invite new families to join us. Now is the time to look at enroling for 2017 and beyond.

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Returning to onsite learning in term 4

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Return to school

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Distance education at Glen Park term 2


Very Busy Term 3