Learning at Glen Park

Glen Park is very well-resourced with abundant teaching resources, learning tools, ICT and a library second to none. Our focus is predominantly and unashamedly on Literacy and Numeracy and on using ICT to support that learning.

We have a one to one iPad ratio and the seamless implementation of that into a powerful learning tool for students was the focus of our previous strategic plan.

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  • Literacy & Numeracy
    Literacy & Numeracy

    We place a strong emphasis on numeracy and literacy which we integrate into general studies.

  • LOTE - Japanese

    We offer a LOTE program for all students.

    Simone Bawden is teaching our students Japanese. We are learning about Japan as well as studying greetings, colours, numbers and writing in Japanese.

    We have access to the resources (teaching and material) of our regional MARC Van and teacher, Kirrily O'Gorman

  • Excursions

    We organise four major excursions every year.

    • a Zoo excursion  - this year we went to the Ballarat Wildlife Park,
    • an arts excursion - this year we are travelling to Melbourne to see Aladdin
    • a science excursion - this year we will be visiting the Melbourne Museum
    • a History excursion - this year we will be visiting historic Melbourne landmarks such as the Shrine of Remembrance and Polly Woodside.

    We also have many smaller local excursions such as to Sovereign Hill, Lake Wendouree, Ten Pin Bowling, Ballarat Golf Range, Gymnastics at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre and a lot more.

    All camps and excursions are free for our students.

Inquiry Based Learning

We use literature as the focus of our integrated studies and enhance that approach through inquiry based learning (with a focus on questioning, thinking and research skills) designed to have students take more responsibility for the progress and organization of their learning. There is also a strong focus on creative responses to learning and children are provided with ample time and resources to display their creativity and imagination in response to our theme studies.

Children are actively involved in prioritizing and interpreting their learning through a close collaborative relationship with their teacher. (Genuine personalized learning) Their learning is proudly displayed and a portfolio of their learning is maintained enabling them to reflect on what they have studied.

Student Well-being

Student well-being is important at Glen Park and treating children as equal partners in their learning supports an engaged and enthusiastic cohort of students.

It has always been our intention to create and foster a school learning community which values the interaction between and contribution from students, teachers and parents. We have an open door policy at Glen Park where parents and interested community members are welcome to participate in our programs and daily life.

In short Glen Park is an ideal school for ‘children who want to learn’.  A safe and supportive learning environment is the hallmark of Glen Park Primary School.