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A country school just around the corner

Glen Park Primary School

Glen Park Primary is a country school only 8.5 km from the Ballarat CBD. We are close to Ballarat but very much part of a quiet, peaceful rural environment. Glen Park has been providing quality state school education to local children since 1870.

Glen Park’s values were determined when we developed our last Strategic Plan and School Council believes that they embody the ethos of our school today and in the future.


Providing a quality education

At Glen Park our aim is for every child to thrive in our learning environment and to support this, our school promotes the following values:

  • Achieving personal best
  • Empathy
  • Individuality and
  • Persistence

Our role is to provide high quality state school education to all who want to enrol with us. We have a reputation of being a bastion for children who for one reason or another are not recognised for their unique attributes and abilities.

Over the years we have attracted children who have been bullied, distracted, pigeon-holed or not challenged in their original schools and they have come to Glen Park and thrived in our personalised , safe and non-threatening learning environment.

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High Expectations

It is of course not a one way street. We expect the children who enrol at Glen Park to be enthusiastic self-motivated learners who can take the first steps towards becoming life-long learners in an environment that rewards high expectations, imagination, creativity and hard work. Children are engaged in their schooling. They are consulted about their education and encouraged to manage their own learning. Each child has their own individual learning plan which is adjusted daily to meet their needs. Our NAPLAN data and opinion survey data is excellent, as documented in our Annual report. Glen Park is also here to cater for the needs of its local community which includes Glen Park, Pootilla and Wattle Flat.


Fee-free Learning Environment

There are no fees or fund raising at Glen Park.

All pupil requisites are provided by the school (even school bags) and all camps and excursions are paid for by the school.

We have no BYOD policy. All learning technology is provided by the school.

We often hear complaints about classrooms doubling up when teachers are absent, sometimes with half a class working all day on the floor in another classroom. This does not occur at Glen Park. No bells, no marching around the school, running errands, mind numbing assemblies or doubling up (sometimes) even tripling up classrooms. Students have plenty of room inside the classroom and outside the classroom to learn and play at Glen Park.

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The Best of Both Worlds

With over 140 years of continuous service to the community, Glen Park is a constant feature in a rapidly changing landscape which impacts on us daily in the form of Ballarat’s future urban growth.

We would like to see more of our local students attend their neighbourhood school whether they are from local farms or from the new housing estates nearby.

Glen Park Primary has the best of both worlds – an attractive rural learning environment only a ten minute drive from the centre of Ballarat. Our vision is simple; we want our students to reach their full potential to help them to grow and mature into responsible citizens. Our kids come first!

Glen Park has a lot to offer.


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