Where is Glen Park?

Glen Park is much closer than you think.

We are a three-minute drive from the corner of Water Street and Springs Road (view the local map).

We have had local students but also students from all over the Ballarat join our learning community. (We have even had a student recently come by bus from Smeaton.)

How big is Glen Park Primary School?

Glen Park is a one-teacher rural school.

It is set on 1 acre (bought for £20 in 1870) and surrounded by agricultural land overlooking the White Swan Reservoir.

We have the capacity to educate 12-15 students.

Do you have the same curriculum as other state schools?

We have exactly the same curriculum as all state schools.

We are lucky to have Simone Bawden teaching Japanese (LOTE) to all our students every week.

We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy which pays dividends with our excellent NAPLAN data.

Feel free to view some of the teaching units we have used at Glen Park then visit the Learning With Literature site on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Do you have a BYOD (Bring your own Device) Policy?

No. Glen Park provides all ICT resources for students. Each student has their own iPad to use in class to support their learning. We also have enough PCs for all students as well as flip cameras, iPods and DS devices.

Is the school secure and safe?

Everyone who visits Glen Park tells me that it is a serene, relaxed and attractive place to learn.

The school has modern learning spaces and safe spacious playgrounds. We have a ‘bully-free’ environment at Glen Park where students are free to learn and to be themselves.

What are your fees?

We don’t charge fees at Glen Park nor have fund-raisers. We do ask that parents be active participants in their children’s learning.

If you have an interest or a passion that you could share with the children then we always welcome parent participation in our program. We also may call on you to help with jobs around the school from time to time.

Do you have excursions and camps?

We have four major excursions every year.

Children are also supported to attend Somers Camp and we participate in the grade 2 and grade 5 Gold fields immersion experience at Sovereign Hill.

All camps and excursions are free and open to all students.

What is expected of students and parents?

We set high standards at Glen Park. We expect all children to persevere in their learning and strive for their personal best.

We also expect all children to show respect for their school and their fellow learners.

As for parents, we have a genuine open door policy and like parents to be involved in their child’s education and set a good example as life-long learners for their children.

At our current school, whenever our son’s teacher is away he has to go to another grade, it happens a lot. What about at Glen Park?

That never happens at Glen Park.

Come along and see our learning environment for yourself.

My daughter’s current classroom is so chaotic, crowded and disruptive.

We have plenty of room at Glen Park.

We have loads of teaching resources (including the best school library in the district) so our rooms look busy but never chaotic, dirty or disruptive.

We take our learning seriously but encourage collaboration and risk-taking. There is no ‘busy work’ at Glen Park.

Are the students prepared for secondary school?

How do children go when they leave high school for Secondary school?

Although a small school, we are excellently equipped for extension and support at whatever point on a student’s education journey. Many of our students have been placed in extension groups at secondary school because of the one to one education focus at Glen Park.

Students at Glen Park have gone on to year 7 at the following schools:


  • Mt. Clear Secondary College


  • Damascus College


  • Ballarat Clarendon College
  • Damascus College


  • Loreto College
  • Damascus College.


  • Mt. Clear Secondary College
  • Ballarat Grammar
  • Damascus College.

We have had excellent feedback from parents and students about their progress. In secondary school and beyond.

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