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End of term 1

Another big term has come to an end. This is the first term back we’ve had for a while without…

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Plans for 2022

We gained a new family for 2021 and have a robust enrolment of eight in 2021 and about the same…

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COVID in 2021

As we did last year, Glen Park provided ‘learning packs’ for individual students during lockdowns. These packs were all self-contained…

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We gave the front entrance of our school a much needed face-lift last year. This year we hope to create…

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COVID stories.

Here is the link to the flipbook created by the Royal Flying Doctors based on My Place stories from our…

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Learning Packs

What is unique to Glen Park is our approach to COVID 19 remote learning. We decided last year that we…


2021 Visit to the Wildlife Park

Other than a short 5 day glitch due to COVID early this term we have been back to (almost) normal…

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Returning to onsite learning in term 4

We have now had two periods of off-site learning this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic. (Hopefully we won’t…

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Return to school

Our students made their long awaited return to school after distance education and they all said they were glad to…

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Distance education at Glen Park term 2

Term One was quite short for us and sadly we had to cancel our Arts excursion to see Shrek. I…


Very Busy Term 3

We had a new enrolment in term 3 bringing our enrolment up to 8. That’s good. It should remain 8…

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Great Feedback

Over the last few weeks I’ve run into some ex-parents of the school (In the supermarket) and its great to…