WOW what a big term 2 and even bigger term 3
Lucy finished teaching Italian with us at the end of term (She has a placement next term) but will be back with us in term 4. We are very lucky to have 2 LOTE programs.
We Start swimming first week back which we’re all excited about.
we have had all our asbestos removed these holidays so we are now totally asbestos free!
We are having a ramp put in to replace one of our sets of stairs.
we are having a major refurbishment of our shelter shed.
We have new playground equipment installed in August.
We are off on our major excursion for term 3 to see Aladdin in Melbourne.
We will be studying Wind in the Willows (refer display) to start the term and I hope to start a ‘Free Mini Library’ at our school next term.

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20 December 2023
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