Term One was quite short for us and sadly we had to cancel our Arts excursion to see Shrek. I hope that we will be able to re-schedule our planned excursions at some other point this year.

Victorian state schools have been preparing for distance education since we started our school holidays early on 24th March. Since then I’ve been working through the holidays and out the other side of that to create ‘Learning packs’ for our 7 students.

I have prepared individual Learning packs covering Literacy, Maths, Science and Art and our LOTE teacher has prepared Japanese tasks and our MARC Van teacher library tasks to go home this term.

The packs are fully self-contained (parents will have to provide very little in the way of teaching resources but they will need to supervise and encourage their children along the way.) The first pack was collected on the 15th of April and the second pack will be collected on the 4th May.

I have attached some photos of the learning packs as I’ve been preparing them. (You can see more photos on our school Facebook page)

A big thank you to Cherie who has given our page a fantastic facelift. In resources, you will find an example of some of our Distance Education teaching resources (A Literacy unit for The Beast of Buckingham Palace, which you are welcome to download and use or share. (All you need is the book and a few art supplies)

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