Glen Park completed its four yearly external review with flying colors.
This week we finished the last day of our review. We had a two day inspection and wide ranging discussion based on our self-evaluation encompassing all that we have done at Glen Park over the last 4 years.

My reviewer will write his report which will be approved by my Senior Education Improvement Leader who will discuss it with me prior to developing our 2017-20 plan. I will take the final strategic plan to School Council for approval later in the term and then it will go to DET in Melbourne for their approval before I post it on our Blog.

In the next 4 years we will focus on formative assessment, positive teaching and learning relationships and increasing our enrolment. Our external reviewer, Michael Cain and my SEIL, Phonse Crawford were very supportive and full of praise for our school and our ‘challenge partners’, my colleagues,fellow principal’s Karolina and Peter made very valuable contributions.

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